Suzuki 2 – 140 HP Outboards

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This Clymer repair manual is for the Suzuki 2 – 140 HP outboard motors spanning 1977-1985.

Models Covered
Suzuki DT2 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT3.5 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT4.5 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT5 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT6 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT7.5 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT8 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT9 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT9.9 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT15 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT16 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT20 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT25 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT30 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT40 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT50 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT50M (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT60 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT65 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT75 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT85 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT115 (1977-1984)
Suzuki DT140 (1977-1984)

Includes wiring diagrams for: DT20, DT25, DT25P, DT25PE, DT28, DT28E, DT50, DT50M, DT50T, DT50W, DT60, DT65, DT85, DT85T, DT85TC, DT115 and DT140.

Clymer marine repair manuals are considered to be the only marine repair manuals worth owning. They are used by some of the most prestigious professionals to your average everyday boat owner. Along with superior design Clymer marine repair manuals always provide the most up-to-date information available for your vehicle.

This manual is 384 pages in length and the expert text gives you complete information regarding maintenance, tune-up, repair and overhaul.

Like all Clymer marine engine repair manuals, this book also contains:

Step-by-step instructions
Detailed and exploded views and photos
Bold figure numbers to quickly match instructions with illustrations and photos
Easy-to-follow wiring diagrams
Thumb-tabbed chapters for quick access
Two-column layout with large print
Numbered table of contents and extensive index

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